About Magnolia


Magnolia McKay is a product of purity culture, married at age 22 and divorced 7 years later. Her love of radio and documentation and her personal experiences post purity culture have lead her to create the PPP. When she’s not working on her podcast, you can find her singing with her pals in a classic country band, writing jokes on the bus, or attempting to engage stray cats in conversation. Yes, literal cats.


What inspired you to create the Post Purity Project? 

“I created this podcast because marriage was a rude awakening for me. I spent my teenage years pining for a husband, and preparing myself to be a good wife. The realities of marriage, of actually having a sexual and emotional relationship for the first time broke my heart. I was through the looking glass and didn’t know who to talk to. The isolation and shame I felt about the problems in my marriage only made the pain worse. With Christian platitudes on one side and anti-marriage rhetoric on the other, I had no source for honest information. I needed real talk. So this podcast is for those who need real talk. For those who are in it. For those who are recovering. Or for those who are curious about why all of those Christians are so obsessed with pre-marital sex anyway?”